First Chapel of the Year

I had the joy of preaching for the first chapel of the year on Tuesday this week.  As I’ve done every year,  I used the text from our year’s theme verse: He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me. Psalm 18:19

A few of the ideas of emphasis from that message:

Don’t be overwhelmed, but be thankful that you’re preparing for life during the worst economic crisis in nearly 100 years.  The Lord has given your generation an opportunity to change the self-reliant pattern of Christians who came out of the boom economic years – and thought they would make it through life on their own, with a little prayer for God to bless it.  Instead, because of the economic battering from the events of the past year, you can use this as a springboard to develop a lifelong pattern of living totally dependent on God.

Too many Christians have never come to grips with the enormity of God’s power. And too many  Christians who DO understand the power of God, forget who God is when they come under attack.

1.  God is more powerful than our minds could ever comprehend – but we don’t live like He is.

2. We will always be attacked at the point of our greatest weakness – but we are convinced it will never happen.

3. God promises to lead us to a place of safety – but it won’t be because we earned it.

Whatever your weakest point is, you can take two absolutes from this scripture:

  • You will be attacked at that point – the question is not IF, but only WHEN
  • God is more powerful than your greatest weakness if you’ll put it into His hands.

Those things that keep us awake at night are not roadblocks to God’s reach into our lives, but the starting points of our trusting in His power, rather than our own.


2 thoughts on “First Chapel of the Year

  1. Great words of inspiration Dr. Parrott. We also loved your comments at Welcome Week. The verse for this year is perfect for our Erin. She has called several times to tell us how thankful she is for us sending her to Belhaven. It is already a place of refuge, and God is showing His goodness, and how much he delights in her through all of you. God Bless You!!

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