Just the Facts

I had some interesting statistics come my way recently.  So often we forget how many, and how deeply, people need to understand and live in the grace of Jesus.

OneHope found 91% of youths in Costa Rica say they do not believe they will go to heaven despite claiming to have accepted Jesus Christ. In Spain, 74% say they do not want to be a virgin when they marry, and in Russia, 42% report having tried to commit suicide. (Christian Post 7/29/09)

American teens who say they definitely believe in God or a higher power declined from 54% to 37% between ’84 and ’08, while the percentage of atheists rose from 6% to 16%. The percentage of teens uncertain about God remained stable at 31%. (The National Post 4/7/09)

While more Americans describe themselves as “non-religious” today, the percentage who believe in God remains stable at 93%. Researchers believe the group that is growing is what they call “unchurched believers.” If you think of organized religion as having two parts – the organized part and the religious part – the church-leavers quarrel is with the organized part. (Pastor’s Weekly Briefing 8/14/09)

Josh McDowell claims only 9% of young Christians in America say there is absolute truth, only 3% higher than the general youth population. (Christian Post 7/13/09)

About 1 out of every 3 scientists in the U.S. professed believing in God in a recent Pew Research survey, in comparison to 83% of the general American public. (Christian Post 7/16/09)

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