An Important Survey for All Current Students and Alumni

I need your insights as we are considering this question:

Has Belhaven College grown in size, influence, and stature that it should be renamed Belhaven University?

This is a decision of the Board of Trustees, but we do not want to go further in the discussion until we gain insights from our current students and alumni.

There are no official criteria distinguishing a college from a university.  But some of the reasons we are considering this change include:

  • We serve 2,800 students in four states plus our online program.

  • We have six master degrees and three more under consideration.

  • We currently have four schools plus our honors college.

  • We are considered by many to the leading school in the scholarship of building a Christian worldview into the teaching curriculum.

  • We have gained national distinction in the arts and in business, as well as national program accreditation for many of our departments.

  • There are 77 schools that have changed from college to university in the past six years.

  • Up to an enrollment of 5,000 students, in the south there are only 4 schools larger Belhaven that still use college and 67 smaller than Belhaven that use university.

  • All schools in some states (like Texas) use university.

  • There are 52 southern and 34 Christian universities that do not offer a doctorate.
  • The majority of schools in our athletic conference are university.

  • Trade schools (Antonelli, Virginia, and Magnolia) have changed their names to “college.”

  • Many community colleges around the country are starting to drop “community” from their name making it confusing for prospective students.

  • A college is considered a high school in most other countries of the world.

With this background in mind, it would helpful in this decision making process to get your response to the following questions.  Please complete the appropriate survey.


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