H1N1 Vaccines Available ONLY Thursday/Friday

Greg Hawkins, our Dean of Students has worked tirelessly to help us avoid an outbreak of H1N1 flu this fall.

We’ve been having about 3 cases each week through the fall. Thanks to the work of Greg and his team, and the cooperation of those who became sick, we’ve been able to isolate those with flu and keep it from spreading to large numbers of students and staff.

As a campus we’ve managed this flu through lots of hand sanitizers and isolation of the sick, but it has been a very difficult to secure doses of the H1N1 vaccine –  we now have them!

These H1N1 flu shots will be available on Thursday and Friday this week for ALL STUDENTS as well as ALL EMPLOYEES AND THEIR FAMILIES.

Dr. Debbie Minor and her staff at the University Medical Center has volunteered their services to administer the vaccine on this Thursday and Friday (December 3rd & 4th) from 10:30a – 1:30p in the first floor of the student center.

Our health clinic will NOT be administering the shot.  So, that means that this is the only time students and employees/families can receive the vaccine.  Seasonal flu vaccines are available in the health clinic, but not the H1N1 vaccine.

These vaccinations are free to students, faculty, and staff (and the immediate families of employees.)  But this is the ONLY time you’ll be able to receive the H1N1 vaccine on campus.

Roll up your sleeve and don’t miss this chance to get the vaccine……..and be sure to thank Greg for his work in securing these shots for our campus.

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