BU – Butler University . . . Belhaven University

What a game tonight………Butler was just one bounce away from a national championship.

I have great respect for Duke and their long time coach, but it was amazing for Butler, a school of only 4,000 students, to nearly beat one of the dominating programs in all of college sports.

Which made me think, it is remarkable what a team can accomplish when their fans cheer “BU”

Since we switched to BU on January 1, look at what has happened to Belhaven athletics:

1.  Men’s basketball team to the national championship tournament for the first time in 38 years.

2. Softball ranked #9 nationally – their first top 25 ranking EVER for Belhaven – and marching toward a national tournament bid.

3.  Baseball ranked in the 16th nationally and poised to move forward.

4.  Both Men’s and Women’s tennis teams have a shot at a winning season for the first time in many years.

This new BU cheer has worked out better than some expected!

We are………….


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