Egyptian Christian Leader’s Perspective During the Demonstrations

My long time friend, Ramez Attalah, is General Secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt.  He was the program chair for the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town in October.

While the demonstrations were still going on and two days before the president resigned, Ramez held a briefing for the Lausanne board and a few others.  Here is a portion of his report –  Ramez said this report could be shared publicly.

  • Christians and Muslims have been united as never before defending their homes on overnight shifts (due to the lack of police security) this is resulting for many to make friends with neighbors they never knew and there is a real sense of camaraderie which we never had before.
  • Food, medical and other supplies are dwindling since most factories and businesses are closed after last week’s wave of vandalism and the daily 3 p.m. curfew. Pray for the poor and destitute who suffer most at this time.
  • I’ve lived through many of these kind of dramatic events (1952 revolution which deposed the King, the burning of much of downtown Cairo, the tri-partite attack on Egypt in 1956 by the Israelis, French and British following the nationalization of the Suez canal (a bomb fell in our garden), the nationalization of all capitalists when my family lost all their properties and were terribly humiliated, my pediatrician was tortured to death in jail during that time, the brutal assassination in 1981 of President Sadat after he made peace with Israel, the security forces rampage which caused much damage around the city and a strong earthquake in 1992 etc.. So though this situation is volatile and unstable we’ve lived through similar crises and it’s not time to panic or leave the country.

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