Two Interesting Statistics: College Costs – Unemployment Contrast

1.  PUBLIC University costs have doubled in the last ten years, with the average cost now $16,140 – equaling about the cost of a private education at Belhaven next year of $18,420.

But we are even less expensive than the public schools since most of our students also receive some scholarship assistance that lowers our cost.

Plus, there are other important factors most families don’t consider about cost until it’s too late.

I did a short video a while ago outlining the 5 reasons why Belhaven is affordable

  1. Low costs: Belhaven University has been named a “Best Buy” college for 9 consecutive years.
  2. Scholarships and Aid: 90% of Belhaven students receive financial aid.
  3. Students will complete their degree on time.
  4. Savings add up in the “hidden costs.”
  5. Value: the most important financial investment of your life.

2.  The US Department of Labor reports there is a sharp contrast in the unemployment rate between college graduates and others.

  • National Average:    9.1%
  • College Graduates:  4.5%
  • No High School:   14.7%

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