TRUTH – Taught By Dr. Kenyon – A Tribute

Dr. Wynn Kenyon had many “star” students.  He always seemed to collect the stars – so Wynn’s constellation of students is bright.

One of those students, Nathan McNeill, a 2003 graduate, sent me a wonderful tribute that reminds us why Wynn was such an exceptional teacher of God’s Truth

Nathan McNeill is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Bomgar, one of the fastest growing tech companies in America.

A Tribute to Dr. Kenyon

Death steals suddenly and unlooked for upon those we love, and like children startled from our playthings, we shrink to find that an adult and awful world has invaded our own and taken captives. We thought we could play forever on the fringes of absolutes, pushing little truths through the dust, only to discover in an instant that Truth will not be toyed with, but must be obeyed. It is not a plaything to be manipulated neither is it a force beyond comprehension, but a precious stone from which our lives and deaths and truths gain reference, a monolith of great wonder, too great for our field of vision and yet plainly seen.

This was the life and work of Wynn Kenyon; to help me and many, many others see that Truth is capitalized and is a thing of great wonder. In fact, he would say, Truth must be wondered at because it cannot be comprehended any other way. Either you start with wonder on your search for Truth or else you do not begin to search. Dr. Kenyon understood this. He understood it so well that he could teach it patiently, knowing that as Truth began its invasion into the mind of a child (no matter the child’s age) it would break through not by what was added to the understanding but by what was unleashed. It would break through by the seed of understanding, the knowing of God, being broken and buried in the heart of a believer. And wonder grew in many hearts as Dr. Kenyon cultivated until it burst into the fruits of thought and prayer and deed. And so the wonder of Truth grew with its understanding, each facet of the great stone breaking open some new vision as stunning as the first.

Yet even as we stand in wonder at the stone of Truth, we almost stumble over it. For it is the scandal of a thousand ages that the living stone should also be the dying stone upon which the lives of our loved ones are slain. But as we weep and wait and pray we begin to see on the dawn of the third day yet one more wonder displayed: that within the stone death has been broken through to life… like the morning, like a trumpet, like a sunrise, like a loud laugh.

And in that moment we know that Dr. Kenyon’s journey is over and his exploration just beginning. That all of the thoughts and questions and struggles that he carried as a burden so diligently for so many people for so many years may finally… be unpacked.

5 thoughts on “TRUTH – Taught By Dr. Kenyon – A Tribute

  1. Nathan,
    You have written a lovely tribute.
    The influence of Dr. Kenyon is clearly seen in your well chosen
    words. Thank you for speaking for many.

  2. The title word “Truth” really corresponds with the heartfelt tribute to Dr. Kenyon, written by one of his many, so successful, but humble students. It is such an inspiration reading it and big thanks for speaking for many as well!

  3. I’m prying for Dr. Kenyon! He knows how to suggest is the great art of teaching. To attain it we must be able to guess what will interest: we must learn to read the childish soul as we might a piece of music. Then, by simply changing the key, we keep up the attraction anil vary the song. Thanks!!

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