Need Eye Glasses? . . . Surprised by Belhaven alum (fabulous prices plus BU discount)

I took the family to find some glasses today.  We were headed to  Lens Crafters in Northpark Mall.  But came in the door at the other end on the upper floor of the mall by Men’s Store of Dillards, and walked into EYE LINE OPTICAL instead.   (Lens Crafters is at the other end in the same position related to the Women’s store of Dillards, so easy to get them confused.)

We were overwhelmed  with a kindness of service from Bridget who took care of us.  It wasn’t long before we discovered she was a strong Christan and been praying that morning because their business was slow this time of year.

Then we met the owner, and discovered he is a 1994 graduate of Belhaven – Robert Giurintano.

He’s moved to Northpark in hopes of broadening their business – but he says everyone comes in looking for Lens Crafters (at the other end).   I think when people find out about Eye Line Optical it will be his end of the mall that will be busy.

Their prices are fabulous!!!!! (I did shop the other end of the mall too.)

Their service was genuine, caring, and made selecting glasses easy.

PLUS, if you go in and tell them you are connected to Belhaven as a student, alum, staff, or family member, they will give you a discount on top of their already exceptional prices.

There is a Christmas gift for all of us – thanks Robert . . . and thanks for praying Bridget!

P.S.  And when you go, be sure to congratulate Bridget on her oldest son who is graduating from Tougaloo with a 4.0, and has been accepted into medical school at the University of Mississippi)

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