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Last Saturday night, international student, sophomore Max Gunbin, was involved in a very serious auto accident when the car he was riding in was hit by a drunk driver.  Max was thrown from the car and just a week ago was on life support.

The campus has been praying for him all week, and along with Max, we’ve been praying for his parents who are from Russia. They arrived two days ago from Siberia.  When Max heard their voices he started to respond in a new way.

When I saw Max Thursday, he opened his eyes, and squeezed my hand.

But today – wow! Max is doing great.

He has been moved out of intensive care, he’s strong, he’s talking and fully engaged. He even told me about a 96 he earned on a test from Dr. Jinkiri.  But I told him to not worry about his grades now, and we’ll work on that after he’s healed up – which he was relieved to hear.

The critical care nurse (who went to Belhaven) expects Max to be in the hospital through the coming week.  Along with the internal injuries, he has a broken collar bone and some broken ribs that may need surgery to repair.

We took a picture together and it was a smile I was very relieved to see.

Max especially wanted me to thank everyone for praying for him.  He knows that God has healed him for a purpose God has for his life.


14 Responses to “A Selfie I’m Thrilled to Post – with Max Gunbin”

  1. Doreen says:

    What an answer to so many prayers!

  2. Ervin Martin says:

    THAT is GREAT news! We continue to pray for a rapid and complete recovery! God continues to answer prayers.

  3. Paul Waibel says:

    God is good. We continue to pray for him and his parents.

  4. Chip Mason says:

    Great News! Glad to see that thumps up. Looks like the Great Physician is at work in his life!

  5. Lorretta Stembridge says:

    Praise God! We had no idea and we join you with prayers of thanksgiving!

  6. Mayra Prado says:

    Praise The Lord !!!!!

  7. Cynthia Leavelle says:

    Praise God for his answers to our prayers.

  8. Claudia Nisbett says:

    Max, so glad your parents have arrived to encourage and comfort you! I have been in constant prayer to our mighty God to bless you with good health and competent medical care. So glad you are making such speedy progress!!!

  9. Arleen Gladden says:

    Max has had prayer lifted up for him from all over the country! Individuals and churches praying for God to spare his life and heal his injuries… And God heard our prayers! Praise our God forever!

  10. Goldia Revies says:

    Max has close friends in my 8:00 A.M. class; Daniel, Tomas and Jefferson and we have been praying for him. Prayer is powerful and I am thankful to know that this young man is on the road to recovery. I ask for God’s healing spirit to be upon him in the days ahead.

  11. Frank Dolansky says:

    It is amazing how our Lord is answering prayers. It reminds one of the promise in Hebrews 13, “God has said, ‘I will never leave you, nor will I forsake you.'” Praise HIM!

  12. Greg Palmer says:

    None of us can have too many prayers offered on our account. God loves for us to communicate to him thru Jesus Christ. Obviously, God has heard many, many prayers for Max and God has graciously provided healing.

  13. Elise Green says:

    WOW!!!! Answered prayers…thank the LORD!

  14. Elise Green says:

    WOW!!!! Answered prayer….Praise the LORD!

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