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Dr. Roger Parrott, President of Belhaven University is the author of a highly reviewed leadership book, The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders.

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Spring Chapel Schedule Announced

This spring, I’m looking forward to continuing our study of the life of Kind David.

This past fall we took a detailed look at the lessons to be learned from the story of David and Goliath. And now,  we jump into a wide range of exciting and troubling challenges throughout the rest of the life this great leader.

In the six message I’ll be preaching, I trust we can learn much from David’s life through these topics:

  1. Success!
  2. When God Says NO.
  3. Crossroads:  Compromise or Integrity
  4. The Hardest Part is Forgiving Yourself
  5. Breaking Dysfunctional Family Ties
  6. How Would God Describe You?

Along with with this study of David from the Old Testament, we’ll have two chapels with  with Dr. John Perkins.  They don’t get any more influential and insightful than Dr. John, and I’m thrilled our student can hear twice from this giant of the Church.

Other important services are planned throughout the spring. Below is the full schedule.

** Because chapel is now offered twice each Tuesday morning, we have seating space for friends of Belhaven to attend if you’d like to come.  Chapel runs for 50 minutes on Tuesday mornings.  The identical services begin at 9:35 and 11:00 am.

January 14 Success!
Learning from the Life of King David
Dr. Roger Parrott
January 21 When God Says NO
Learning from the Life of King David
Dr. Roger Parrott
January 28 Crossroads: Compromise or Integrity
Learning from the Life of King David
Dr. Roger Parrott
February 4 The Hardest Part is Forgiving Yourself
Learning from the Life of King David
Dr. Roger Parrott
February 11 Dr. John Perkins
John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development
February 18 Dr. John Perkins
John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development
February 25 Ms. Lisa Espineli Chinn
Intervarsity National Director International Student Ministry Program
March 4 Student Mission Conference
Mr. Josep Debeljuh
Global Disciples, Croatia
March 11 Spring Break
March 18 Breaking Dysfunctional Family Ties
Learning from the Life of King David
Dr. Roger Parrott
March 25 How Would God Describe You?
Learning from the Life of King David
Dr. Roger Parrott
April 1 God At Work – At Work
A panel discussion led by Dr. Parrott asking hard questions to Christians living out their faith in a variety of professions
April 8 Looking Back and Looking Ahead
A panel discussion led by Dr. Parrott asking graduating seniors what they have learned and how God is leading them to prepare for life after Belhaven
April 15 Honors Convocation
Only the 11 am chapel will be held this day so all students and faculty can join in celebrating the accomplishments of the year. Classes scheduled for 10:50 on this Tuesday are canceled.

Running from the Giants

The past four weeks I’ve been speaking in chapel examining the story of David and Goliath.

This past week, we looked at the nature of giants in our lives, and how we attack the armor of the giants rather than beating the giant inside the armor – and that if we don’t fight the real giant, the taunts of the giants will continue to plague us.

Near the end of that time on Tuesday, I summarized some of the paths we use to escape our giants, and put what I’d written on the screen.  I’ve had several requests for that paragraph, so posting it here – in it’s full vision that I’d written (in chapel only shared a portion of it)

If you’d like to hear the entire message you will find it HERE.

We tend to put on our armor so others will only know our persona, not the true person who is vulnerable, fragile, and scared behind our armor.

We learn to retreat by hiding behind

  • a plague of perfectionism
  • a nameless weekend party
  • an unlimited computer
  • legalistic Christianity

or a thousand other paths that take us anywhere we can’t see ourselves in a mirror.

And feeling protected there, for a moment, a day, a year, or a decade we feel safe, insulated, anesthetized.

But then the adrenaline wears off, a quiet gap comes into our busy schedule, the liquor turns to a headache, the spiritual intensity loses its emotional high, the illicit lover leaves, or the consequences of bad choices tumble down on us . . .

. . . and we hear Goliath’s taunts again.

Bettye Quinn Remembers Newt Wilson

Miss Betty Quinn sent me a touching memory she had of Newt Wilson,

Proabably, Newt and Betty worked together longer than any other faculty or staff member did with Newt.

I told Bettye, today:

“If you’re able, you should go to the funeral, I know it would mean so much to Becky. Newt loved you so much. I remember when he first told me about Belhaven, you were the only faculty member he told me about. I thought they were all just like you!”

He’s been a great friend, and I’m so glad you can go to the service.  We will miss you at commencement but you’re needed there.

I asked Bettye if I could share some of her notes with you, and most of it is included below.

I’ll remind you again that the service for Newt will be at Hattiesburg First Presbyterian Church on Saturday at 11:30 am. Becky will be having a family only internment tomorrow.

Becky needs our prayers.

Here is Betty’s note:

Dr. Parrott,

I have not missed a graduation in 47 years….as you know. This is a dilemma for me, But I feel that I should go to Newt’s funeral. He and Becky have been my friends for so many years.

When the soccer team won the NAIA championship last fall, I sent him one of the shirts. He wrote me the most wonderful letter back. I made cheese straws for him every year and sent them or he came for them. We knew him on so many levels…fellow alum, co worker when he taught Bible, Dean of Students, Vice-president, President and then as Board Member. He was always the same sweet caring person.

I helped Becky cook and entertain many, many times. She was the ultimate hostess. His birthday was September 22 — the same as the Hobbit… so many times we had a Hobbit party… everyone brought a gift but not for him… the gifts were exchanged… that was the Hobbit way. He loved that everyone got a funny gift instead of him.

Newt really loved Belhaven and all its activities.  As a student he sang in the choir. He loved that Belhaven was into all sports. And of course, the Bible and Christian Education Department was his forte. He really had a wonderful life accomplishing all he wished.
I would have called but I can’t talk without crying.

Love and prayers,
Bettye Quinn

My ShareFaith Leadership Interview

I was recently interviewed by ShareFaith as part of their series on leadership.  They asked me to briefly address 5 questions:

Here is the interview:


Dr. Roger Parrott is an author, and president of Belhaven University. Dr. Parrott’s history of service in missions (Lausanne) and education has equipped him to provide solid advice for both experienced and aspiring Christian leaders. We asked Dr. Parrott some questions about leadership, and have provided his valuable answers.

1. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?
Stability. We are leading in a remarkably uncertain time, and what those we serve need a leader who is not pushed back and forth by the changing circumstances. When a leader is chasing after a variety of options without assurance of what might be effective, hoping the next one will bring a solution, the people around us become fearful and constrictive in their work. They don’t need a leader who has all the answers, but they do need one who has a firm hand on the rudder to set a clear course during this storm.

2. What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?
Humility. Answers are not hard to find if you listen. Charisma is not hard to whip up with a bit of practice. Courage comes with the territory of leadership. But most leaders fail because they don’t have the humility to understand their role is to serve others, not to be their boss. When a leader is humble, they hire around them the best people, they trust the judgement of others which in-turns empowers others, and they are accepting of ideas from any source. If a leader has the humility to understand the privilege of serving, rather than wanting to be privileged for being the leader, then the entire ministry creates the energy that pushes the mission forward.

3. How do you deal with anxiety and stress?
I have learned to look back – and in doing so I lower my anxiety and stress when I look forward. The future is ominous—but then, the future is always ominous! When we look ahead at our challenges personally, organizationally, or globally, we say “yikes” because the unknown is overwhelming. But when we look behind, we see the route we’ve already traveled is much like the one ahead. And when we recount how we have overcome the unknown and unexpected challenges of the past, we can say “wow” because of how God has protected us.

The reminder of the interview with my responses to the other 2 questions can be found HERE.

Appointment of New Leader for the Lausanne Movement

I have served for many years on the board of Lausanne, and also as an officer of the movement, serving as Treasurer.

Doug Birdsall, who has led Lausanne, will begin a new ministry role as president of the American Bible Society.  Doug is a long time personal friend, and is a friend of Belhaven having been our commencement speaker and receiving an honorary doctorate from us.  He has done an outstanding  job leading the movement.

I was privilaged to serve as chair of the search committee to find Doug’s replacement and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome God has brought together for us all in the evangelical world.

Below is the announcement, including my quote about another great friend of Belhaven Dr. Michal Oh, who will be our new Lausanne Executive Director / CEO.

Selection of Younger Leader Hands The Leadership Baton To The Next Generation

LONDON, 5 February 2013 – The Lausanne Movement announced today it has appointed Dr. Michael Oh, a 41-year-old Korean-American, serving in Japan, as its new Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 March.

“Michael is a cross-cultural bridge-builder, from East to West and across generations; he knows the overall Movement well and understands the complexity of this leadership calling,” said Ram Gidoomal, Chair of The Lausanne Movement Board of Directors, regarding the unanimous selection confirmed last week by the Board. “He will be able to build on the firm foundation that Doug Birdsall and the global leadership of Lausanne have established, to the glory of God.”

Oh is president and founder of Christ Bible Seminary in Nagoya, Japan, a vibrant and growing seminary in Japan, which is making an impact among young Christians seeking a renewed vision for the next generation of Christianity in Japan. He has been involved in Lausanne since 2004, serving as keynote speaker and part of the planning team for Lausanne’s Younger Leaders Gathering in 2006, and as a member of the Lausanne Board since 2007. He will be formally installed at The Lausanne Global Leadership Forum in South Asia in June.

Oh succeeds outgoing CEO Rev. S. Douglas (Doug) Birdsall, who becomes the president of American Bible Society on 1 March.

“Michael is an exceptionally gifted younger leader who will serve the Movement with vision and passion in the years to come,” Birdsall said. “As a reflective practitioner, he embodies the essence of the ‘spirit’ of Lausanne – humility, friendship, study, prayer, partnership, and hope.”

Birdsall further indicated that he believes Oh understands the value of Lausanne’s rich history, and as a younger leader has demonstrated the ability to inspire and enlist a new generation of men and women around the globe who share Lausanne’s commitment to “the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world”.

“Lausanne is in good hands, and the future is filled with promise,” Birdsall added. After passing the baton of leadership to Oh, Birdsall will continue to serve in leadership with Lausanne as an Honorary Chair.

“I am humbled by this appointment as I follow in the footsteps of the legacy that God started in the Movement through godly leaders like Billy Graham, Leighton Ford, Gottfried Osei-Mensah, Paul Cedar, and my predecessor, and friend, Doug Birdsall,” Oh said. “My own development as a leader, along with countless other younger leaders within Lausanne, has been significantly impacted by the mentorship of Doug, the Lausanne Board, and other Lausanne leaders. Lausanne is getting younger, stronger, and more representative of the rich diversity and depth of the global church. Mobilizing and connecting global younger leaders for world evangelization will be a great joy and priority as I take the leadership of Lausanne.”

Oh’s appointment was welcomed by leaders in Japan who expressed pleasure that Oh will live in Japan while serving Lausanne. “We are committed to expanding the network of support and prayer among churches in Japan for Michael. As a board member of the Japan Evangelical Association, I know that General Secretary Kenichi Shinagawa has shared a longtime friendship with Michael. I am strongly encouraged that, upon hearing the news of his friend’s new appointment, Rev. Shinagawa has indicated his willingness to lead the Japanese Church in our serving together for the advancement of the kingdom of God,” stated Rev. Dr. Satoru Kanemoto, Chair of the Japan Lausanne Committee.

The Search Committee that recommended Oh was chaired by Dr. Roger Parrott, president of Belhaven University, who said the Committee was very impressed by the overall quality of candidates it considered, indicating how much Lausanne has grown in global breadth and depth. “I found in Michael a penetrating vision for world evangelization, a richness in his understanding of the complexities of our world both globally and locally, and a godly humility in service and passion for Christ that is contagious,” stated Parrott. Rev. Esme Bowers, Chair of African Enterprise of South Africa, and a member of the Search Committee, said, “Michael’s appointment is part of Lausanne’s ongoing commitment to identify and equip new and younger leaders in mission and evangelization around the world.”

Dr. Lindsay Brown, Lausanne International Director, is encouraged about the future because of Oh’s selection. “I look forward to working in partnership with Michael with the goal that ‘all the earth may hear His Voice,'” Brown said. Brown has committed to continue serving as International Director until 2015 to assist in the leadership transition.

Educational and Family Information
Oh has a Doctor of Philosophy with a specialization in Cultural Anthropology and Education (University of Pennsylvania), a Master’s Degree of Arts with a concentration in East Asian Studies (Harvard University), a Master’s Degree of Divinity with an emphasis on Missions (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) and a Master’s Degree of Science (University of Pennsylvania).

Michael and his wife, Pearl, have been married 18 years and have five children.

Movement Background
Lausanne is a global Movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization. It grew out of the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization convened in Lausanne, Switzerland by Rev. Billy Graham and Bishop Jack Dain. The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (October 2010) in Cape Town, South Africa brought together 4200 Christian leaders, representing 198 countries. The resulting Cape Town Commitment (www.lausanne.org/ctcommitment) serves as the blueprint for the Movement’s activities. Lausanne is convening four to five Consultations each year around the issues articulated in The Cape Town Commitment. More information is available at www.lausanne.org.

# # #

For further information, please contact Naomi Frizzell, nfrizzell@lausanne.org, +1.904.262.5202.

Opening of School Year Service of Dedication

Once each year I have the opportunity to speak to all of our faculty and staff, along with their spouses.  For our annual Service of Dedication we are also joined by many of our Board of Trustee members, student leaders, and some close friends of the University. Our branch campus faculty and staff join us through video.

A highlight each year is recognizing anniversaries of service 5, 10, 15, and 20 year milestones this year.  We present clocks – which get larger the longer they have been at Belhaven, and the few 40 year clocks we’ve given through the years were beautiful grandfather clocks.

I also cherish the time to share with the campus my reflections on the coming year, as expressed through our verse of they year.  To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

If you’d like to read my message from that evening you can find it HERE

Or the video is below.

Fall Chapel Schedule

Fall 2012 Chapel Schedule

August 28 Dr. Roger Parrott
President of the University
Verse of the Year
September 4 Dr. Dan Fredericks
Provost and Senior Vice President
Opening Academic Convocation
September 11 Dr. Ligon Duncan    
Senior Pastor
First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MA
September 18 Dr. Ligon Duncan
September 25 Dr. Roger Parrott
The Prodigal Son – Part 3
Should Being Right be Enough?
October 2 Korean Children’s Choir
Dr. Billy Kim, President of Far East Broadcasting
(two chapel credits – special time – 10:20 to 11:50)
October 9 Fall Break
October 16 Ms. Liza Looser
Founder and CEO of The Cirlot Agency
October 23 Dr. Reddit Andrews
Professor of Practical Theology
Reformed Theological Seminary
October 30 Dr. Jerry Young
Senior Pastor
New Hope Baptist Church, Jackson, MS
November 6 Dr. Jerry Young
November 13 Dr. Kenneth Nehrbass
Assistant Professor of International Studies
November 20 Dr. Jeffrey Brannon
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
November 27 Annual Faculty Christmas Card

New York Times Best Seller

Can I shamelessly brag on my younger brother a bit?

Les is an author of 50+ books, and this week his newest title was ranked #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List in the Paperback Advice category.

The book is titled “The Hour That Matters Most” and is about the importance of families making the evening meal together a high priority.

Great to have a Christian author make that list…..and even nicer when it’s my brother.  I’m proud of him.