Belhaven University Chapel Series: 9/26/17 Dr. Chip Henderson

Dr. Chip Henderson looks at Philippians 4 and examines what the Christian faith has to do with stress, anxiety, and worry. He exhorts us (as Paul does in the passage) to lay all of our worries and stresses at the feet of Christ, and remain in the Word.


Verse: Philippians 4:4-9

Belhaven University Chapel Series: 9/12/17 “Preparing for Hurricane Season” Dr. Roger Parrott

Dr. Roger Parrott examines the words of Jesus from Matthew 7:24-27. Dr. Parrott discusses what it means to have a solid foundation in Christ in seasons of life buffeted by metaphorical hurricanes.

Verse: Matthew 7:24-27


Belhaven University Chapel Series: 9/05/17 “Where are you going?” Dr. Roger Parrott

In the first chapel of the semester, Dr. Roger Parrott calls us to examine our goals and direction in life, no matter if you are a freshman, senior, or if you are elsewhere on the path of life.