Belhaven University Chapel Series: 3/07/17, Rev. Dan Stone

Rev. Dan Stone, pastor of the church in the Flora-Bama bar in Orange Beach, Alabama, explores the story of Jesus and Zaccheus. He discusses the nature of the gospel and how it is meant for all people, not just people that look or dress or act like us.


Belhaven University Chapel Series: 2/28/17 “30 Day Kindness Challenge” Ms. Shaunti Feldhahn

Ms. Shaunti Feldhahn speaks about the power that kindness has on others, and on ourselves. She states that choosing to be kind helps with our relationships, not because others treat us better, but because through kindness the light of God shines through.


Belhaven University Chapel Series: 2/21/17 “I believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!” Dr. Roger Parrott

Dr. Roger Parrott tells the story of the Transfiguration on the Mountain and how it pertains to doubt and belief in our own lives. He tells us of what doubts we might have, but also why he believes in God and Jesus.


Belhaven University Chapel Series: 2/14/17 “Who Are You?” Ms. Nancy Stafford

Successful actor and author Nancy Stafford explains why you should stay true to yourself. God knew you before you were born and has plans for you. You were created for a divine purpose and can do anything through Him because He gives you strength.


Belhaven University Chapel Series: 2/07/17 “Missing Out” Dr. Josh Straub

Dr. Josh Straub challenges us to examine our lives for idolatry towards our technology and cell phones. He discusses the importance of not “missing out” because we were too distracted by what is going on on social media. Humanity craves connection and stillness, something that we will not find from our cell phones.


Belhaven University Chapel Series: 1/31/17 “Starting a Better Conversation About Mental Health

Dr. Roger Parrott starts chapel by discussing his desire to start a better conversation about mental health. Dr. Brad Smith discusses depression, its symptoms, those affected by it, and what can be done about it. He also announces Belhaven United, a group devoted to the education and support of students at Belhaven in regards to mental health. Dr. Randy Smith shares his own story of mental health and what he has learned about himself and mental illness. Ms. Christa Williams, the campus counselor, shares what she does and what is available at Belhaven for those that need help.


Belhaven University Chapel Series: 11/15/16 Mr. Daniel Doss

Mr. Daniel Doss shares about his life, ministry, and family. He calls us to remember that our dreams are not necessarily God’s dreams, and that we need to be open to His call. When we follow God’s call in our lives, all things work together for His Glory.


Belhaven University Chapel Series: 11/01/16 Chris Heuertz

Chris Heuertz shares his experiences and the experiences of others in relation to human trafficking. He shares his own ministry and the ministry of Shandra Woworuntu. He shares concrete ways that we can fight human trafficking and the devastation it causes.

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