Translation: Novel into Film

David Mitchell, author of the novel Cloud Atlas, wrote a very clear article in the Wall Street Journal this week on the necessity of translation in adapting a novel into a film – and talking about how his novel pushes the limits of what’s possible to portray on the screen.  If you’re wondering why “the novel’s always so much better than the film,” or ever hoping to adapt a novel yourself, check out his 5 main points.

Religious Art… made by the non-religious

Terry Teachout wrote an interesting article for the Wall Street Journal discussing the ability of non-believers to create some of the most significant religious art – specifically visual art and music (much of the 20th century literature, he noted, came from people of religious conviction).  Lots to consider.

Playing Dead

Here the link to an article from the Wall Street Journal about another possible route into the world of performance: playing a dead body.  With a number of television shows and movies in production at any given time that involve crime scenes, actors and makeup people are necessary to make these scenes look real.  The article is written by someone who performed as a victim on Law and Order: Los Angeles.