Get Ahead of the Competition with an MBA.

It’s no secret that there is a lot of concern about the state of today’s economy, and rightfully so. With all of the ups and downs, corporate collapses and mergers, and the infamous “bailout”, who wouldn’t worry? Well, I for one get anxious, but I don’t consume myself with worry. Why? Because I believe strongly in the American free enterprise system and the spirit of capitalism. I believe in the resilience of the American worker and the ability to push through the tough times. It’s what makes this country great.

Because of my optimism that our economy will rebound and again flourish, I think now is the perfect time to return to college and pursue an MBA. By diving in now, you are positioning yourself to get ahead of your competition, many of whom may be sitting on the sideline, waiting for things to “settle down”.  When the job market picks up again, companies will be looking for the most qualified candidates. Wouldn’t it be nice to say you have your MBA or are almost finished with it? I believe the MBA is the most versatile graduate degree out there (so much so that I have one!). Why do I think that? Consider some of the benefits of having an MBA:

  • Advance with your current employer into management
  • Attract new opportunities with other employers
  • Teach college level business courses
  • National statistics that show a clear distinction in pay between those who have an MBA and those who do not
  • Choose a variety of career paths: management, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, consulting, economics, or information systems, to name a few
  • Start your own business enterprise
  • The confidence of knowing you have an advanced business degree

Can you be successful without an MBA? Of course. That’s proven, but it does not diminish the fact that having an MBA gives you options, and that’s what I love about it. When you have options, it makes life easier because you do not feel so boxed in. Rather, you have more opportunities and choices about where to take your career.