How are you doing this term?

How are you doing this term? Are you doing just fine, or are you feeling overloaded? Are you taking difficult courses right now and wonder how you will get through them? As adults, we all have so many things on our plates! There is so much to juggle: family, work, church, school, and more… you name it. We can all get overwhelmed at times.

Are you physically stressed? Mentally? Spiritually? When you experience any of these things, it is good to take a deep breath, slow down, and remember WHY you began this journey of continuing your education. Was it for your family, to make a better life for them or to serve as a role model for your children about the importance of education? Do you need the degree you’re working on to get promoted or to go into another field of work? Do you just want to finish what you once started, or is there something else that convicted you that you needed to return to school?

Whatever the reason was for you to come to Belhaven University as an adult student, you need to keep that reason always in your mind when you get weary or discouraged. You have set a good goal for yourself, but sometimes you may feel you are not able to reach that goal. Let me encourage you to ask God for the wisdom, strength, and perseverance you need as you continue on your journey!

 You are not alone, and He is able!

God is with youGod is able


Thanksgiving Blessings

Virginia Garrison

Director of Retention Services

Thanksgiving Blessings

When you count your blessings at this Thanksgiving time of the year, can you include your college degree as one of them? Is that something that is missing in your life? Is it holding you back from the successful career you would like to have? Is it something you started but never finished?


At Belhaven University, we offer many programs for adults who want to add a degree to their resumé. Not only is an education at Belhaven an academic accomplishment, but it is also a journey of Christian spiritual growth for many students. Our instructors are all Christians, and our curriculum is taught from a Biblical perspective. So a degree from BU is a double blessing!


What are you waiting for? Don’t wait any longer. Get started now! Then next Thanksgiving you can add an “in-progress” blessing to you list!



What Are Your Gifts?

Adult Studies Blog: September 2014


Virginia Garrison, Director of Retention Services


We all have gifts… things we are good at doing… or that we have the potential to do well but haven’t fully developed. What are your gifts? Do they need development?

Do you like to work with people? Are you good at organizing? Maybe you have the gift of administration.

Are you compassionate? Do you like to help and encourage others? Maybe you have the gift of mercy and service.

Are you a “take charge” type of person? Are you good at communicating? Maybe you have the gift of leadership.

Are you good at explaining things to others and enjoy seeing them learn? Maybe you have the gift of teaching.

Do you involve yourself in ministry? Would you like to use that gift to its fullest?

There are too many possibilities to list in this short message. Whatever your gifts may be, wouldn’t you like to develop them further? Wouldn’t you like to use them to the best of your ability? Completing your degree could help you do that! Belhaven University offers many options, including business management, social services, health administration, leadership, Christian ministry, Biblical studies, teacher education, etc.

Why not give yourself the “gift” of education and reach your full potential? In doing so, you will also be helping others who will benefit from receiving what you have to give!

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

1 Peter 4:10

Belhaven University Verse of the Year 2014-2015


Do you think you’re too old to start something new?

Do you think college is only for the young?

If so…you are wrong!

One of our proudest graduates last year on the Chattanooga campus was 75 years old and an honor student! In our adult programs at Belhaven, our students range in age from 21 to 75! The average age of our adult students is in the 30s.

A friend once said to me, “I’m too old to go back to school for two years. Why, I would be 44 year old when I finish!”

My response to her was, “And how old will you be if you don’t???”

No matter your age, there will be other students like you in our classes.

What are you waiting for? You’re never to old to learn!



Season for Change?

September is a month of transition…the hot days of summer begin to cool down…the colors of nature begin to change to a new and vibrant palette…fall is in the air…and the season of autumn officially arrives on September 22.

Transition…change…transformation…can be a wonderful thing! Is it time for a transition in your life? Do you want to make a positive change for yourself and for those around you? What if you were to be transformed into a person with more confidence, more knowledge, more understanding? Would that change your life?

I’ve been working in adult education for over 20 years, with Covenant College and now Belhaven University. I have seen hundreds of transformations during those years…people who literally changed their lives by adding Christian education and earning a degree to their life experience. Here are a few examples of amazing transformations I have witnessed:

  • The young man who was the first in his family to earn a college degree and was then able to fulfill his dream of a professional position helping children of divorce
  • Single moms who were able to get better jobs to support themselves and their children
  • Employees who had been passed over for promotions because they didn’t have a degree and who received promotions and raises after finishing their degrees…some even before finishing
  • The dad whose children were in high school, and he wanted to finish his college degree before they did, and he succeeded
  • The woman who had a dream and started her own business when she finished her degree
  • Parents who wanted to be role models for their children and show them the value of education
  • The 75-year-old woman who wanted to complete what she started many years ago and graduated last May…you’re never too old!
  • Veterans and current military students, some getting higher ranks with their degrees
  • People dissatisfied with their jobs, wanting to change careers, and doing so with a degree
  • Dads and moms wanting better lives for their families
  • The student who was extremely afraid of public speaking when she began classes but gained confidence and became a public relations spokesperson for a large corporation after graduation
  • Students who had tremendous growth in their faith, some totally amazing!
  • And the list could go on and on…

Are you like any of them, or do you have your own special situation? Do you want change in your life? Would you like to be transformed? Belhaven University is an institution where you can discover your place, your purpose.

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.    (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Is this your season for change?

Chattanooga Campus Offers New Programs

Belhaven’s adult and graduate studies campus in Chattanooga (Quest) recently received approval to offer two new academic programs. In addition to its flagship Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management offering, working adults in southeast Tennessee and north Georgia can pursue the Bachelor of Health Administration and the Master of Business Administration degrees. As the Chattanooga area continues to defy the recession with the addition of Volkswagen of America and the possible addition of two facilities, Belhaven’s Chattanooga campus is positioning itself to meet the educational needs of an expanding population of professionals. The Chattanooga campus also serves students and Dalton and Rome, Georgia.

What Are Your Goals For 2011?

Although it’s still 2010 and we haven’t gotten through the Christmas season yet, I think now is a great time to reflect on this past year and start thinking about what you would like to accomplish in 2011. With a new year comes the opportunity to start fresh–it’s a good feeling. But for many of us, the feeling of newness and anticipation for the upcoming year lasts for about a month and then we are back into our old routine again. Human nature I suppose.

Why not make 2011 different? Set a few goals that are attainable and realistic, but also ones that will give you fulfillment and satisfaction after reaching them.  Or, just set one goal and focus solely on that until you achieve it. I have the bad habit of setting a number of goals and not completing many, if any, of them in a year’s time. But this year I would rather focus on one important thing and complete it, than create a list of goals that I forget about come February.

So, do you have some goals for 2011? Take time this month to ponder that question, and ask yourself what would be meaningful to your life if you accomplished it in 2011. And think about how good you would feel come December 2011 having reached those goals. Chances are, you would be motivated to achieve even more in 2012. Stop wondering about what-ifs and waiting for something to happen…just go for it and make it happen yourself.