Research Reveals 3 Reasons Why Gratitude Is An Important Leadership Quality -repost

by Naz Beheshti (repost of an article found HERE)

We tend to think expressing gratitude is appropriate at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but not necessarily in the workplace. This notion may explain why, according to one survey, Americans are less likely to express gratitude at work than anywhere else. Such an attitude, however, ignores several research-backed reasons why gratitude can make leaders more effective and improve workplace culture and productivity.


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One thought on “Research Reveals 3 Reasons Why Gratitude Is An Important Leadership Quality -repost

  1. It was my pleasure reading about you. I knew it was something different about you each time you walked into our classes. I thank God our university is lead by a God man and a brother in Christ. Now I really feel comfortable in my education knowing you have our best interest at heart.

    Thank you Pastor Upchurch.

    Catherine Funches

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