Presentation Tips, pt. 2

Last time I shared with you some tips about speaking in public which should help as you make your presentations in class, and throughout the rest of your life. I know from personal experience that the more presentations you make, the more confident you will feel. There are a couple of specifics I want to mention in this post.

First, there is a presentation rubric, found in Student Live/Services – Adult and Graduate under forms. I am including it below. The reason I include it is because if you study the rubric before you even start building your presentation, you are more likely to hit the target points, which will give you a better presentation overall, and a better grade.  Keep in mind your Instructor may be using a different rubric, SO ALWAYS ASK  about how you will be graded as soon as the assignment is made:

Second, your presentation aid, probably Powerpoint or Google slides, does make a difference.  In the last post, there was a point which shared the 10/20/30 rule.  This rule of thumb indicates that you should try to use no more than 10 slides for a 20-minute presentation with a font size of 30. This is a good practice to follow. Always try to use images instead of words on your slide so your audience won’t spend their time reading the slide. Also, NEVER just read your slides. Yes, you will read some SHORT bulleted points, but by and large, your comments should augment the slide, not parrot it.  Remember, if printing handouts from your powerpoint, choose the option from the print screen to print “handouts” three to a page with a space for taking notes. This is faster and uses less paper.

Hope you find this useful.


Dr. Upchurch


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