Adversity always seems to come at an unexpected time, from an unexpected source, or both. Even when you know its coming, it can throw you off. However, you can prepare yourself, to some degree ahead of time. Here is how: cast yourself fully upon Jesus. A.W. Tozer stated: When I understand that everything happening to me is to make me more Christlike, it resolves a great deal of anxiety.”

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What a great word… and what an overlooked emotion and tool. Rather, I should say an emotion/tool often misapplied in our lives, which creates stress but accomplishes little. We are busy, very busy, without an understanding of what urgency is really about. Urgency is all about achieving success, no matter the area of life.

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Eye Contact

The act of looking someone in the eye and holding that look, while sharing from the heart, can be a powerful and persuasive force. Those who are master communicators understand and practice this tactic whenever they are intent on influencing you to their point of view. This can be done in a public speaking format, targeting a few people scattered in the audience, or it can be in a one-on-one conversation. It is in the one-on-one conversation where the real force of this tactic becomes evident, where the true power of can be felt.

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Confronting the Brutal Truth

Almost no one wants to confront the brutal truth about lack of progress and/or roadblocks in achieving a goal, which is why mediocrity is the norm. Because of this, problems are almost never addressed unless they become impossible to ignore. The more you know about what is really happening, the better you will be in a position to adapt and flow with the changes necessary to succeed.

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Default Mode

By Default Mode, I mean how you are basically programmed to react or behave. Personality is part of this but, this programming also is affected by a combination of your DNA and how you were raised, including the influences upon you as you were growing up. The BIG question is: “Do you know your Default Mode of response?” and “Are you satisfied with it?” Most people never give any thought to this and are trapped by their programing in self-defeating patterns of behavior.

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Self-pity is a normal emotional response whenever you feel like you are a victim. That can happen for any number of reasons, many, if not most, of them, seem justified. This is important: Self Pity has the effect of lowering your defenses to temptation, making it easier for you to rationalize behavior that you would normally avoid. You will always be faced with temptation, but under normal circumstances, you are probably able to resist. However . . .

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Take Care of Business

A lot of people imagine the leader in business as the one giving orders, but not seeming to do any of the hard work themselves. Wrong! Real leaders are hard workers who take of business. If something needs doing, they make sure it gets done, even if they have to do it themselves. If a job needs an extra pair of hands, they jump in with a willing, positive attitude. Leaders aren’t afraid of hard work, and actually, embrace the reality that great things only come about through hard work.

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Love – An Operational Philosophy

At the end of 1 Corinthians 13, Paul identifies 3 things which should be a part of our lives: faith, hope, and love.  These attitudes/actions/characteristics form the core of a fulfilled life, and even more importantly, a life that is pleasing to God. Paul concludes the chapter by saying, “but the greatest of these is love.” In context it is easy to understand that what he means, is that we should show love in all our interactions, not just toward the people we like or the ones we know.  EVERYBODY!

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Are you Shouting?

There is a place for shouting and raised voices, for instance, Boot Camp, or perhaps the athletic training field.  One place where shouting isn’t acceptable is the office.  If you, as the leader, are shouting at your people, then it probably isn’t the employee that has the problem– it’s you. You need to get control of your emotions and demonstrate some discipline. “But,” you say, “I’m just passionate or that’s just the way I am, and everybody knows it.”

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Grace, Mercy & Accountability

Grace is unmerited favor or kindness, for instance, when you do something nice for someone for no reason at all you are being gracious. Mercy is unwarranted forgiveness, or at the very least, unwarranted forbearance. Accountability is the process whereby an individual is held responsible, to an expectation. Let’s face it, finding the right balance in showing grace and mercy, while holding people accountable can be challenging.

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