Persevere – Don’t Quit!

No one wants to be labeled a “quitter,” but there are times when EVERYONE has felt the pull to quit. It could be a job, a friendship, a project, an educational program, even a marriage. If you are human, you have fell the temptation to quit. Sometimes quitting is the right answer, but most of the time real victory and growth take place when you are willing to persevere; to stick with it, in spite of the temptation to quit.

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I’m sitting at my desk this morning and receive a phone call. It was from a student. She was surprised that I answered the phone and was prepared to leave a message, so it caught her off guard for a minute. We chatted a bit and then she got down to what she called about.

It seems she received a letter in the mail from me yesterday. She picked up her mail and pulled into her drive and pondered whether or not to open it, thinking it was a bill or some other kind of bad news. She has been going through some difficult challenges and didn’t know if she could handle another piece of bad news. Still, she steeled herself and opened the letter, only to discover it was a congratulatory letter for her making the Dean’s List. She said she sat there cried happy tears and has read and re-read the letter several times.

All I did was send the letter, she was the one who put in the hard work to achieve this honor, but she was so appreciative of my acknowledgment of her effort. I have to be honest I got a little teary listening to her.

The faster we go the less there seems time to give a compliment or recognize the efforts of those who are truly giving their best . . . and the more these kind of encouragements are needed. I know I like to feel appreciated, and I suspect we all do. So, be a Leader, let your people know you recognize the work they are doing and make it your goal to be an encourager to someone every day. We don’t have to allow our culture or society to drive us to be cogs in some machine determined to use us up and leave us empty. We are created in the image of God and that is all about relationship. Relationships are built and nurtured when we take the time to value each other.

Be Present in the Moment

Being present in the moment is one of the secrets of level 5 leaders. This is a skill that is often ignored or discounted by those aspiring to leadership who are busy trying to be all things to all people. Great leaders know how to come fully into the moment and focus their attention, intelligence, and relational energies in working with people and issues.

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3 quick tips to polish your final draft for submission

This was originally posted November, 2018:

Getting your paper completed and submitted is a great feeling. Getting it back with a lot of negative comments about your writing, style, and grammar, not so much.  Here are three things you can do which will have a HUGE impact on the quality of your final submission.

  1. Always try to have your paper completed a day early and leave it sit for at least a few hours before going back to re-read and tweak before you submit.  I can guarantee this one fact alone will pay off huge dividends in the quality of your writing.
  2. Proofread your paper by reading it out loud. I know it sounds crazy but this is a secret that all the best writers employ. By reading your paper out loud your ears will catch problems in syntax and grammar that your eyes don’t. In fact, I’m willing to say that you will be surprised at some of the mistakes you will find.
  3. Keep the APA Quick guide near you when you write. Planning to come back and check things for APA later may sound like a good idea, but you and I both know that life gets busy, and good intentions won’t save you when the paper is being graded.  You can find the APA quickguide at this LINK.  It isn’t long, either save it to your phone for ready access, or print it off and keep it close when you write.

There you go, three tips that will improve your final product.

Dr. Upchurch

Multitasking = Mediocrity

Multitasking is doing two or more things at the same time. For example, watching television, reading a book or playing a video game, while listening to a lecture.  A LOT of people swear that when they do this they are able to concentrate better, learn more, and are more productive. However, studies have shown that when you attempt to multitask, both activities suffer. That is, neither activity gets 100% of your attention.

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Great Followers Make the Best Leaders

This seems obvious, but you can’t really be a great leader until you have learned how to be a great follower.  There are several types of followers: the actively disengaged, the slacker, the confronter, the “yes” man and the fully engaged.  Each one has specific characteristics, however, it is the fully engaged Follower who rises to become the great Leader.

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“It doesn’t matter what happens to you, what truly matters is how you respond to what happens to you.” The stories of those who have overcome adversity to achieve great results inspire us. Yet, somehow when WE are the ones in adversity the real temptation is to make all kinds of excuses why we should be pitied and excused for quitting.

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When to (or NOT to) Bleed

Think of a continuum with health at one end, then scratches, then minor cuts, then major cuts, then open wounds and then death at the other end. You can lose a little blood and still be fine.  If you lose more blood you will be weak. If you lose too much blood you will be dead. This is a metaphor for dealing with political challenges at home and at work.

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Put your own oxygen mask on 1st

You know how on an airplane trip the flight attendant goes over the safety instructions before the flight begins? One of the instructions is to take care of your own oxygen mask before trying to help others. The point is that if you don’t get oxygen yourself, you will be unable to help others, i.e. you can’t help anyone if you are passed out from lack of oxygen.

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