Portfolio Day

or Judgement Day….

….as it is sometimes referred to by the students, happened the last Friday of classes.  It is a day for the Production emphasis people in the Dept. and those taking production or deisgn classes to present their semester’s work to the rest of the department.  It is often  preceded by a day of furious activity by those presenting until each display is tweaked just right and ready for public consumption.

This year we had a healthy number of people presenting and I wanted to share some of the pictures of their displays from that day.






sg1webWe were lucky to be able to have Professor Marc Quattlebaum, the Design & Tech professor from Milsaps join us and help give our presenters feedback on their work, presentations, and displays.  In turn the students are able to process the feedback and apply it.  This in turn helps prepare them for the presentations and interviews they will have as they pursue jobs  or Graduate schools opportunities.

Please leave some feedback for them here as well as the


For any of you that have taken my classes you have heard me extoll the need and desire for your work and projects to be excellent.

Many of you have heard me quote a Pastor of mine who said:  “Excellence Honours God and Inspires Others!”

So it will come as no surprise that when I find a like minded individual I am going to send you guys there to read  their thoughts on the subject.

So please read this post called “When Good Isn’t Good Enough”

New Things All the Time

I really like working in the theater department because I learn new things all the time. I’ve worked for theater productions before, although that was a little different because I only did the backstage work and none of the prep work. Everyone I work with is very helpful and very patient with me. Sometimes I don’t catch on very quickly or have no clue with what I’m doing, and they have been extremely helpful to teach me. Will has also been really patient with me because I’m a dance major and our schedules are crazy and can change at any second. He has been willing to work around all of that and not be mad when something comes up with a concert. I guess that just comes with understanding and having the same experience with theater.


— it’s not difficult to feel involved! :-)

My name is Laura and I’m a sophomore workstudy for the Theatre Department.  I must say that I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up to work as a Production Assistant at the beginning of this semester, aside from what I had already experienced in volunteering for strike after a few productions.  I quickly found out that the job involved doing whatever was needed in preparation for the upcoming production, whether it was setting up stages, fixing props or helping with lighting.  The students and the professors in the Theatre Department thank us regularly for what we do, which surprised me at first, since a lot of work we’re doing is backstage.  But that’s a major part of the Theatre Department:  everyone has jobs and, in order for anything to work smoothly, we all have to do our jobs well.  I admire their sense of teamwork and community; it’s not difficult to feel involved.  I’ve also noticed that the students spend a lot of time in the Theatre Department, so it takes dedication and hard work.  But it all seems worth it to see that production finally go up on stage.

If a Picture is Worth a 1000 Words — How many words in a 1000 Pictures?

We have been working hard to update our website and revamp much of the information on it but as that is still a work in progress we can share with you some of the pictures from shows that we have uploaded to Flikr.

Here are some of them… (in no particular chronological order)

Stay tuned for more to come both on Flikr and on our website. Please leave comments if you see something you like! 🙂

“hey, you guys see that floor. I helped paint it!”

An intregal part of life in the theatre dept. is our workstudy crew.  This is a group of 4 – 8 individuals each year from varying majors on campus who have signed up to work in the thearte dept.

This year we have a great group of students that and we thought an outsiders prospective (non-theatre majors) might have some keen observations to share about our department.

Check out that floor !!

Check out that floor !!

I started at Belhaven College last year, fall of 2008. Being an English major I never had much interaction with the theatre department on campus. It was a foreign land to me. I had no idea what went on inside, or what happened to the people who gave up their lives to it. The little interaction I did have came through attending the productions and a few friends who were theatre majors. From this small taste, I was impressed with the department and wanted to somehow get involved. Therefore, at the beginning of this semester, when I got the opportunity to serve as a workstudy student, I snatched it up.

From the beginning, I was impressed with what I saw.

I enjoyed being on the inside doing the background work for the productions. And when my friends came to watch them, it gave me a very satisfactory feeling to be able to say “hey, you guys see that floor. I helped paint it.” I would say my favorite part of working here has been experiencing the community between the professors and students in the department, and, of course, being able to be a small part of that.

by LL

.... the uber-excellent floor as mentioned in the post

.... the uber-excellent floor as mentioned in the post