A good review…

Alumni Scott Gaines (’11, B.A. Theatre Performance) recently appeared in the We Happy Few production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in the Metro DC area.  The review of the production contained the following comment:

“Britt Duff’s Miranda was interesting, and a take on the character that I found unexpected. Duff’s chemistry with Scott Gaines’s Ferdinand is wonderful to behold. Gaines’s understanding of the language and the way he plays physically with this role is wonderful.”

Congratulations, Scott – keep up the great work!

Scott Gaines (in purple) as Ferdinand in We Happy Few’s The Tempest

Back drop for “The Drunkard”

As we are preparing for our upcoming musical “The Drunkard”, we have been making our own back drop.  Some of our students have done similar work but for most of those involved it is new.

The finished size of the drop is 30 feet wide and 15 feet tall.  Over the past several days we have been prepping it for painting, which should start tonight.  Before it could be painted however, three pieces of 10 foot wide fabric had to be sewn together and than the entire drop needed to be starched.  After the starching process we were able to hem the top, and add in our hemp for suport, as well as add in our pipe pocket at the bottom so it will hang correctly.  And now for several more days of action to get the finished product that we are looking for.

Young Alumnae of the Year 2012!

Bonnie McDonald Grubbs (’08 – Theatre Performance) was named the 2012 Belhaven University Young Alumnae of the Year!  After completing her undergrad work at Belhaven, Bonnie finished a masters in education at Mary Baldwin College before accepting a position at Achievement First, a charter school in Brooklyn, New York – where her class is named ‘Belhaven’ and her student scholars are ‘Blazers’.  We are so very proud of Bonnie’s accomplishments – and pleased to see her continuing to use all of her gifts to do the Lord’s work.

View the video of her speech at the Homecoming Luncheon!

Bonnie McDonald Grubbs and her husband Alex visiting Belhaven for Homecoming 2012

Devised Theatre Workshop with Alex Grubbs

Alex Grubbs instructing students on principles of Devised Theatre

On Friday, Oct 12, we had a visit from one of our alumni, Alex Grubbs (’08).  Alex and his wife Bonnie (who is receiving the distinguished Young Alumni award from Belhaven this fall) now live in NYC after completing their masters educations, Bonnie in Education at Mary Baldwin College and Alex in Acting from the University of Virginia.

Students showcasing their combined Devised works

Alex led a workshop of students combined from several classes in exercises in Devised Theatre – a process of collaborative creation for works of theatre.  After some brief introductory exercises and discussions, students developed short works based on personal stories of their fellow classmates, then combined those individual pieces into group performances.

Students working with Alex Grubbs on individual pieces of Devised work

Archive Needs Your Help

I hope you have enjoyed the last month of pictures and I hope they spawned many happy memories regarding your time at Belhaven and in the theatre Dept.  Now it  is our turn to ask you for help.  I am posting the beginning of 3 frames that are sorely in need of some good pictures that I can scan or copy in order to place them in the layout and eventually onto our ‘Wall’. ……

Enemy of the People

Enemy of the People

……….so please let us know if you can help by leaving a comment of emailing or facebooking us.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

…. and again if any other production’s materials that you were a part of has crept along with you in your travels we would love to scan and add that stuff to our archive and maybe even the wall.

Schertzo Mortale and Christ in the Concrete City

Schertzo Mortale and Christ in the Concrete City