Artist-in-Residence… at a cathedral?

Award-winning actress and solo performer Anna Deavere Smith has taken on the task of being the first Artist-in-Residence at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral.  Smith is known for creating powerful solo performances through doing extensive interviews in research, then assemble a performance of direct quotations from those interviews, taking on the character of the interviewees.

What a great opportunity for the church at large to look at another way that artists can interact with the life of a congregation.

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Bicycle Rickshaw Theatre (the World’s First…)

Click here to learn about the “World’s First Bicycle Rickshaw Theatre”, a ministry of Imagine the Word, an arts ministry organization founded by Hunter Barnes.  This ministry would create a portable theatre stage on the back of a New York City bicycle rickshaw, easily transportable through the city streets, which would fold out for performances that would share the Gospel to the NYC public.  The informational video is on a website built to accept donations to help fund the project.